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San Damiano

Organic extra virgin olive oil

San Damiano olive oil stems from Sicilian cultural traditions. It is an extra virgin olive oil with a strong fruity flavour, made from hand picked and cold pressed olives, organically grown in Nicosia, a typical village from the Sicilian hinterland.
San Damiano is a gourmet Italian olive oil with very low acidity (less than 0.2%) and rich in polyphenols (more than 200 mg/kg). Its taste is rotund and balanced, with bitter, sweet and peppery flavours in full harmony, perfect for fish, red meat and soup dishes. If you want to know how to grade these qualities refer to oliveoilsource.
The oil takes its name from the San Damiano (Saint Damien) icon painted on Nicosia cathedral tetto ligneo (coffered ceiling), one of this village's treasures. The fifteenth-century ceiling is hidden by a beautiful plaster vault, built two centuries later, finely painted in fresco and with an impressive embedded Saint Nicola statue, there as a guardian to prevent the access to the concealed ceiling.
In these pages we will also take you through a virtual tour to Nicosia, the town of 24 barons, we will tell you all about its history and tales and its traditions and festivals.
See some pictures of Nicosia.

San Damiano olive oil has the taste of Sicily, calls to mind the warmth of a summer evening, the cicadas sing, the centenary tree's leaves rustle, the scent of the wheat just harvested.

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